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Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center Committee

The American College of Surgeons requires hospitals that provide cancer care, including The University of Toledo Medical Center, to form a cancer committee.

The Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center’s Cancer Committee meets regularly to review and advance our cancer care. The purpose of our Cancer Committee is to:

  • Discuss and evaluate diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up and end result reporting of our cancer care
  • Supervise the quality of our patient care
  • Organize, publicize, conduct and evaluate regular educational and consultative patient-oriented cancer conferences
  • Assure that consultative services from all major disciplines are available to every patient
  • Confirm that cancer rehabilitation services are available and used
  • Encourage a supportive care system for all patients with cancer
  • Maintain a comprehensive system for collecting and utilizing data, including tumor incidence, epidemiology and end results
  • Maintain an appropriate cancer registry system, which conforms to the standards of the American College of Surgeons
  • Publish and distribute the annual report

The Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center’s Cancer Committee Members:

Chen, Changhu - Radiation Oncology    CHAIR – 2014

Andrews, Carrie - Cancer Registry                                               
Betts-Cobau, Teresa - OB/GYN                     
Carter, Susan - Social Work               
Castiglione-Carter, Janea - Cancer Registry                                        
Chaudhuri, Prabir - Surgery                                                          
Coombs, Robert - Radiology      
Deeter, Dan - Pastoral Care            
De Las Casas, Luis - Pathology CLP, Coordinator
Collier, Annette - Palliative Care
Dugan, Amy - Pain Mgmt.
Elsamaloty, Haitham - Radiology                                             
Fairchild, Carol - Clinical Research                              
Foster, Jovonne - Quality Mgmt Coordinator      
Gaba, Colette - Genetics                               
Gatto-Weis, Cara - Pathology
Giovanoli, Michelle - Radiation Oncology
Gore, Jodi  - Social Work
Gundrum, Todd - Pharmacy
Hameed, Muhammad - Medical Oncology
King, Shanna - Nursing
Kosinski, Chris - Oncology Nursing                                  
Mason, Kristi - Dietician                                            
McAnall, Jeffrey - Rehab Services  
Reddy, Krishna - Radiation Onc     
Seifert, Allen - Administration                                              
Skeel, Roland - Medical Oncology Coordinator         
Tafelski, Thomas - Family Medicine                    
Tipton, Jan - Oncology Nursing Coordinator   
Zeeshan Tariq, M.D. - Oncology Fellow

Amy Boehm - American Cancer Society                  
Villagomez, Maria - Community Member                     

Last Updated: 9/23/14