Bladder Cancer

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When you come to University of Toledo Health for bladder cancer care, our team of experts will guide you through diagnosis and treatment, creating a personalized treatment plan to ensure the best outcomes. 

Our specialists have expertise in the latest surgical therapy for bladder cancer and are the highest volume surgeons for this technique in the region.

Bladder Cancer

The bladder is an organ that is responsible for storing your urine until you are ready to expel it. There are an estimated 77,000 new cases of bladder cancer a year and about 17,000 people will die from bladder cancer yearly. The term "bladder cancer" refers to cancers that originate in the bladder. However, a more accurate term is transitional cell carcinoma, as these are the specific cell types that become cancerous. It is also important to note that these cells line the bladder, ureters (tubes that drain the kidneys) and the inside lining of the kidneys. As a result, "bladder cancer" can involve any of these organs.

Recently Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer?
Here are some recommendations from UT Health urologist Dr. Samay Jain:

  1. Obtain your complete medical records, including all pathology/biopsy reports.
  2. Get copies of your imaging studies (CT, MRI, etc.) and radiologist's interpretations.
  3. Place this information in a three-ring binder and take it with you to your medical appointments.
  4. Put blank paper in your binder for notes.
  5. Write down questions you have for your doctor and make sure he or she takes the time to answer them.
  6. Take loved ones to your appointments. Remember, they are your advocates. As the patient, it can be difficult to follow what your physician is telling you, especially in the face of cancer. Loved ones may hear things differently, and may be able to give you a more objective assessment of options. Plus, they are available for support and to ask questions that may not occur to you.

Meet Our Cancer Care Team

Dr. Cherian Verghese

Cherian Verghese, MD



Dr. Chen

Changhu Chen, MD
Radiation Oncology


Dr. Saraiya

Siddharth Saraiya, MD
Radiation Oncology



Dr. Reddy  

Krishna Reddy, MD, PhD
Radiation Oncology


Dr. Skeel

Roland T. Skeel, MD






To schedule an appointment with a UT Health bladder cancer specialist, call 419.383.6644.

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