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Breast Cancer

The breast is a complex gland with an intricate system of ducts and lobes. Breasts develop from embryological tissues and, in women, grow the appropriate anatomical components to feed a child.

Breast cancer begins when abnormal tissue cells grow in the breast. Those cells form a malignant (cancerous) tumor that invades the surrounding breast tissue. Cancerous cells also may spread to other areas of the body.

There are two main types of breast cancer:

Ductal Carcinoma
Ductal Carcinoma is cancer that begins in the system of ducts that moves milk to the nipple through the fat cells and glandular tissue of the breast.

Lobular Carcinoma
Lobular Carcinoma is cancer that begins in the cluster of small sacs located at the end of the ductules called lobules.

Rarer cases of breast cancer can originate in other parts of the breast.

Meet Our Cancer Care Team

Dr. Siddharth

Siddharth Saraiya, MD
Radiation Oncology



Dr. Chen

Changhu Chen, MD
Radiation Oncology


Dr. Chaudhuri

Prabir K. Chaudhuri, MD
Surgical Oncology


Dr. Reddy  

Krishna Reddy, MD, PhD
Radiation Oncology


Dr. Klepacz

Heather Klepacz, MD
Breast Surgery






To schedule an appointment with a UT Health breast cancer specialist, call 419.383.6644.

More Information about Breast Cancer
For more detailed information about breast cancer, risk factors, signs and symptoms, common treatment options and more, please explore the resources below:

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Last Updated: 5/31/17