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Testicular Cancer Diagnosis

If you have a mass on your testicle, you physician should order an ultrasound of your scrotum. A solid mass found on ultrasound of the testicle is a malignancy until proven otherwise. While testicular biopsies are performed in rare cases, the diagnosis and initial treatment of testicular cancer are made by removing the affected testicle via in incision in your groin.

Our physicians at UT Health recommend that all men be offered sperm banking prior to initiation of any therapy for either diagnosis or treatment for testicular cancer. More information can be found under the survivorship tab.

It is important to know that testicular cancer aggressiveness and treatment is based on the histology (cell type) and stage (extent of disease spread) of your cancer. There are many different histologies for testicular cancer, but we most commonly split these into the following categories: seminoma, non-seminoma and non-germ cell tumor.

After you have been diagnosed, it is important that your doctor accurately stage your cancer by obtaining cross sectional imaging of your abdomen and pelvis, and ordering blood tests for specific tumor markers (BHCG, LDH, AFP) that help delineate the aggressiveness of your disease. Prior to initiating treatment, your physician should give you a stage number for your cancer, ranging from I to IV.

Last Updated: 6/1/16