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Urinary System Cancer

The urinary system — also known as the renal system — produces, stores and eliminates nitrogen-rich by-products from the bloodstream through urination. Cancer in the urinary system can affect your bladder and/or kidneys.

Kidney Cancer
Kidney cancer begins in the tubes or in the center of the kidney. It usually starts as a single mass of cells within the kidney and can grow quite large before being detected. The most common type of kidney cancer develops in the lining of the kidney's small filtering tubes, also known as renal cell carcinoma.

Bladder Cancer
Most bladder cancers are transitional cell cancers. That means they begin in the inner lining of the bladder. Other types include cancers that form in the thin, flat cells of the bladder and cancer of the cells that produce and release mucus and fluids from the system. Older people are generally more susceptible to bladder cancer.

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More Information about Urinary System Cancer
For more detailed information about urinary system cancer, risk factors, signs and symptoms, common treatment options and more, please explore the resources below:

The National Cancer Institute’s (NIH) detailed information about kidney cancer
The National Cancer Institute’s (NIH) detailed information about bladder cancer
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Last Updated: 5/11/15