Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

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Vision and Mission

Vision Statement The Rehabilitation System of Care at the University of Toledo Medical Center will lead the region in rehabilitative technologies, knowledge and skills necessary to achieve recognized clinical and academic excellence.

Mission Statement The Mission of the Rehabilitation System of Care at the University of Toledo Medical Center is:

  • to provide the people of of this region with rehabilitative services, in the most appropriate setting and in an efficient and effective manner, to promote maximum levels of functioning independence as well as optimal psychological and social adjustment to disabling conditions, with the goal of optimizing their integration into the community
  • to foster and support the education of health professionals at all levels and the community as a whole in matters pertinent to rehabilitation
  • to conduct research and participate in prevention efforts designed to improve rehabilitation outcomes and to reduce the disabling and handicapping effects of impairments and disease

Philosophy The Philosophy of the Rehabilitation Systems of Care at the University of Toledo Medical Center is to:

  • optimize rehabilitation treatment through the use of the interdisciplinary process promotion of an intellectually and professional rewarding environment to maintain and enhance our skills as care givers the development and utilization of new and emerging techniques and technologies provision of an atmosphere of compassionate, individualized care
  • promote awareness within the community to modify and improve the living and working environments so that the individual's role in society can be maximized
  • prevent disabling conditions and any hardships they might impose on the individual and society by working in concert with other health care and community partners
Last Updated: 4/20/16