Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation
UTMC’s cardiac rehab program has the most comprehensive exercise facility in the Toledo area, with a large, indoor track and extensive weight training equipment. It is the only cardiac rehab program within the Toledo city limits. The program is staffed by professionals certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Services Offered

Cardiac Rehabilitation offers the following services:

In addition to the above services, patients are encouraged to complete a series of Intervent educational kits, which are a set of audio CD programs that give practical information and helpful hints on a variety of cardiovascular health topics.

Educational kits include the following:

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Directions & Parking
  • Health Science Campus
  • Dowling Hall
  • Morse Center, 3rd Floor - 1125 Hospital Drive, Toledo, OH 43614
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Last Updated: 2/17/17