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Infectious Diseases

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Travel Clinic

The University of Toledo Travel Clinic serves students, faculty, staff, and community members who may be traveling abroad. 

Get information about your destination before you go: immunization requirements, disease prevention tips, handling of medications, dealing with emergencies and obtaining medical assistance abroad.

We provide programs for both individuals and groups. As members of the International Society of Travel Medicine, we can provide International Certificates of Vaccination and other documentation required for your travel. 

The Travel Clinic is staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners in the adult and pediatric divisions of Infectious Diseases. 

Dr. Deepa Mukundan

Dr. Deepa Mukundan

Picture of Dr. Geehan Suleyman

Dr. Geehan Suleyman

 Janet Moore

Janet Moore, CNP

  • Immunization and health care recommendations based on your itinerary and personal health history.
  • Information about prevention and treatment of common health problems in the area(s) of the world you plan to visit.
  • Advice on what to do in a medical emergency.
  • Suggestions and supplies for your personal travel emergency kit.
  • Laboratory services for any required titers or blood tessts.
  • Prescription medications for prevention or treatment of travel-treated-illnesses such as traveler's diarrhea, malaria, motion sickness, and altitude illness.

To schedule an appointment call 419.383.3780.

Please schedule early - at least 4 weeks prior to your travel date. Our appointments fill quickly and some immunizations are given in a series that requires time. 

When you call to schedule an appointment we will request the following:

  • Immunization records
  • A detailed travel itinerary to include order of destinations, dates and length of stay at each location. 
Preparing for Your Appointment

Be prepared to discuss any illnesses you have and current medications. 

Last Updated: 12/18/17