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If you choose to keep a loved one at home, there are a number of services available in the community to assist with caregiving.

Meal Programs: Many communities offer some type of mobile meal program. These services are often based on a sliding fee scale; you pay based on your income. If there is more than one program in your area, compare the programs to decide which one is best. Ask if they offer special diets.

Grocery Programs: Some areas offer mobile market services to senior citizen housing complexes. This is basically a grocery store on wheels. The selection is not the same as a traditional grocery store and they are sometimes more costly, but they do offer convenience.

Emergency Response Programs: Emergency response systems can offer comfort for a minimal cost. Explore the options available to you. Compare the service and the cost. Many homecare agencies offer this service without getting other services from them. In Ohio the local Area Office on Aging will be able to provide a list for you:
If you reside in other areas, please search the web for information.

Help for You: Some homecare agencies provide a HHA to run errands, attend doctor appointments, or simply provide companionship to your loved one. Make sure the HHA is licensed, bonded, and certified. This can help reduce the stress to you by knowing someone else is available, if you are not.

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Last Updated: 4/20/16