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Men:  Finding Answers in Supportive Programs

How many times have you thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness?  It is like trying to open a jar lid that is ‘stuck’ and being too proud to ask for help…perhaps we have all been there, done that! 

There may be times in caring for your loved one that you are ‘stuck’ and really need to find answers.  How many of you know that there are programs that offer help for caregivers? 

support groupsFor your own well-being and to keep from becoming stressed and exhausted, it is important to find social support and respite help.

  • Social Support is having friends and other people, including family, to turn to in times of need or crisis to give you a broader focus and positive self-image. 
  • Respite help is a service that can give you a temporary break from your daily routine of caring for your loved one.

Not seeking social support or respite help could lead to physical and emotional weakness.  

  • Physical weakness refers to your own illnesses, muscle strains, headaches, etc.  This can occur when you do not take care of yourself because your total focus is on your loved one.
  • Emotional weakness refers to mental stress that can occur.  Depression, anger, crying, etc. are signs of emotional weakness.

It is helpful to become familiar with agencies in your area that can provide help by looking in the phonebook or utilizing the Internet.  Some services that can be of assistance within the United States include:

Health and Human Services

Offers agencies and
information for any type of assistance

Social Services
Other Social Services (


Find Social Work
Services for counseling, financial and supportive help

Public Health Department

Locate your local health department for immunizations and other needs

Adult Day Care Services

Day care for your loved one.  Great help for the working caregiver

Faith Based Agencies

Area agencies supported by local churches for respite care or assistive devices

Extended Care Facilities

Locate local care facilities for overnight respite, short or long term rehab nee

Area Office on Aging

Locate local county agencies to assist with any needs
Job and Family Service
Locate your local county job and family service agency for group activities or the local senior center


Additional Web Information:

Here are some websites that can give more information on agencies and services that offer social support and respite help. (Please click to view)


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