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Vestibular and Balance Program

Our program diagnoses and treats patients with dizziness and balance problems due to neurological diseases. Outpatients are seen by Dr. Hongyan Li for comprehensive evaluations that include both general neurological and neuro-otological examinations. Depending upon the clinical diagnosis, a patient may be treated during the visit or be instructed on other therapeutics and further investigative studies.

This clinic is available at UTMC on Tuesday and Wednesday and at the UTP Regency Center on Monday morning. Patients with dizziness and imbalance may call in order to be assisted in scheduling appointments with Dr. Li at either of these two locations.

Ruppert Health Center, First Floor
The University of Toledo Medical Center
3125 Transverse Drive
Toledo, OH 43614
Make an Appointment: 419.383.3760

UTP Regency Center
1000 Regency Court, Suite 200
Toledo, OH 43623
Make an Appointment: 419.279.2665

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Service
Our program works closely with the Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation service of the Outpatient Physical Therapy Center at UTMC. Patients are evaluated for balance and vestibular problems and specific individual treatments are designed and carried out. The therapists are certified and specially trained in helping patients with dizziness and imbalance due to a variety of neurologic and vestibular causes. After working with our therapists, many patients have improved or even recovered from their debilitating neurological conditions.

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Service
Outpatient Physical Therapy Center, Dowling Hall
The University of Toledo Medical Center
3000 Arlington Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614
Make an Appointment: 419.383.5040

Last Updated: 4/12/17