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September 2017 Orientation: General Nursing Information

September 2017 Orientation Information: Non Nursing Support Staff Orientation Welcome Packet  


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New Hire Orientation Requirements - All of these requirements must be completed AFTER attending HR orientation!

  • Activate your UTAD -  You must activate your UTAD before you can complete any of your other new hire requirements.  Please allow 24 hours after activation before you attempt to complete the rest of your new hire requirements.
  • Request Your ID Badge - This link will allow you to request your ID Badge/Rocket Card.  Please be sure that your UTAD has been activated for a minimum of 24 hours prior to requesting your ID Badge.  Nursing Assistants will be provided a NA badge hanger and your student badge/Rocket Card is to be used.  If you do not have a student badge, then you should follow the above instructions in obtaining one.  You will also be provided a NA badge hanger as well.
  • Request Your Parking Permit - This link will allow you to request your parking permit
Last Updated: 9/12/17