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March 2017 Orientation Information: General Information

April 2017 Orientation Information: General Information 


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New Hire Orientation Requirements - All of these requirements must be completed AFTER attending HR orientation!

  • Activate your UTAD -  You must activate your UTAD before you can complete any of your other new hire requirements.  Please allow 24 hours after activation before you attempt to complete the rest of your new hire requirements.
  • Request Your ID Badge - This link will allow you to request your ID Badge/Rocket Card.  Please be sure that your UTAD has been activated for a minimum of 24 hours prior to requesting your ID Badge.  Nursing Assistants will be provided a NA badge hanger and your student badge/Rocket Card is to be used.  If you do not have a student badge, then you should follow the above instructions in obtaining one.  You will also be provided a NA badge hanger as well.
  • Request Your Parking Permit - This link will allow you to request your parking permit.
  • NDNQI Pressure Ulcer Training - This training must be completed by all new RNs and Respiratory Therapists to UTMC.
    • After each module, you will receive a certificate of completion.  You must submit a certificate of completion to your Staff Development Specialist for both Modules 1 and 2.  It is recommended that you complete Modules 3 and 4 on your own.  If you complete all 4 modules, you can earn 1.5 CEs.  A CE certificate will be available to you upon completion of all 4 modules.
  • Complete Cultural Diversity Training
    • The Online Diversity Training is located at https://testbank.utoledo.edu/Public/Login.aspx.     This link will take you to something that looks like a calendar.  Above the calendar grid, there are login boxes for UTAD ID and Password.  After entering the ID and Password, it will take you to a page with the heading “UT Safety Testing / Training and a welcome message that should include your name.   

      Please be sure that any “Pop-up Blocker” on your browser is turned off during this training or the training module will not come up.  Also, please be sure your screen resolution does not exceed 100% or you may not be able to access the buttons necessary to advance to the next slide. 

      On the left side of the page, there is a list of links to access the tests.  Under “testing/training” the third link is labeled “Select Test”. Clicking on the ‘select test’ link will lead to a drop-down selection menu.  Use this drop-down to find the test labeled “Diversity Training (172)”.  Select that test and click the button beneath it labeled “take selected test”.  This will open up the training module.  If you see a message that reads “This test currently has no media”, please disregard as it is referring to any external media such as a policy link or an external PowerPoint.

      When you have finished, you may check your results by selecting “Past Results” on the panel on the left side of the home page (where you originally chose “Select Test”). If completed correctly, it will show that you have taken Test # 172, your name and the date it was completed. It will also display that you have completed Topic # 273.   Do not let this confuse you. It is the same training but identified in a different category within the testbank. If you would like, you may print that page as proof of your completion and present it to your supervisor for your file.



Last Updated: 3/14/17