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Nation's Finest Physicians

A national survey of quality physicians revealed that fifty-three Toledo area physicians have been recognized by their peers to be among the Nation's Finest Doctors. We are proud to announce that 49 University of Toledo Medical Center Physicians  are among this nationally recognized group for their Exceptional Specialty Care.

“The University of Toledo is proud that 49 members of our clinical and community-based faculty have been singled out by their peers as among the nation’s best,” said Dr. Jeffrey Gold, provost, Executive Vice President for medical affairs and Dean of the College of Medicine. “Toledo is home to four more that practice at non-UT facilities. They are an elite and accomplished group, and our community is stronger thanks to their efforts.”

“The University of Toledo is committed to improving the human condition,” said Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, President. “These medical leaders that call Toledo home are helping us educate the next generation of physicians, and their work is a legacy that will benefit human kind for years to come.”

Honorees Include the Following Physicians from an Array of Disciplines:

Basil Akpunonu, MD 

Christopher Lynn, MD

Imran Ali, MD

Vijay Mahajan, MD

Kenneth Bertka, MDC

Bernardo Martinez, MD

Raymond Bourey, MD

Ronald McGinnis, MD

Mark Burket, MD

John McGreevey, Jr, MD

Craig Burkhart, MD, MSPH

Anand Mutgi, MD

Mohammad Chaudhary, MD

Thomas Padanilam, MD

Gary Collins, MD

Kevin Phelps, DO

Anthony Comerota, MD

Garth Phibbs, MD

Christopher Cooper, MD

 Daniel Rapport, MD

Haig Donabedian, MD

Allan Rubin, MD, PhD

Joan Duggan, MD

Stephen Saddemi, MD

Lawrence Elmer, MD, PhD

Randall Schlievert, MD

Douglas Federman, MD

Steven Selman, MD

John Feldmeier, DO

Thomas Tafelski, DO, PhD

Mark Fine, MD

Marijo Tamburrino, MD

Elloise Gard, MD

Richard Tapper, MD

Jeffrey Gold, MD

Peter Temesy-Armos, MD

Crystal Goveia, MD

Gretchen Tietjen, MD

Blair Grubb, MD

James Tita, DO

Srini Hejeebu, DO

Kristi Williams, MD

James Huttner, MD, PhD

John Winder, MD

Joseph Karnitis, MD

Steven Zeidner, MD

Srinivas Katragadda, MD

Gerald Zelenock, MD

Sanford Kimmel, MD

Last Updated: 6/17/14