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The Jacobson Center for Clinical & Translational Research (JCCTR)

About JCCTR - Jacobson Center for Clinical and Translational Research


1) to increase the volume, efficiency, timeliness, and profitability of industry-sponsored clinical trials

2) to increase the volume, diversity, and quality of investigator-initiated translational and clinical research

The Center for Clinical Research (CCR) was established in 2005 to promote and facilitate clinical and translational research at the former Medical University of Ohio (MUO). In 2008, with a generous $2M endowment from Dr. and Mrs. Julius H. Jacobson II, the CCR was renamed the “Jacobson Center for Clinical & Translational Research” (JCCTR) in honor of the donors.

The JCCTR is divided into two divisions.  The division of Clinical Trials is led by Holly Burtch, RN, CCRA.  The Division of Research Development is directed by Akira Takashima, MD, PhD.

The Division of Clinical Trials has three service units:

  • Contract Negotiation Unit
  • Budget Negotiation Unit
  • Regulatory Compliance Unit.

All services are provides for free of charges to principal investigators and clinical study coordinators. The Division provides monthly education and training sessions in Good Clinical Practices for Research and informs the clinical research community of new opportunities for industry sponsored clinical trials.

The Division of Research Development identifies clusters of investigators on UT campuses who share scientific and clinical interests and to help them launch collaborative research projects. Dr. Takashima also serves as a liaison to facilitate academic partnership of UTMC with community hospitals.

The Division of Research Development publishes the following:

  • JCCTR Newsletter
  • Notice of seminars for the upcoming week
  • Notice of new grant funding opportunities
  • University of Toledo Proceedings in Medical Sciences (UTPms) and online Journal 

The above services should enable the JCCTR to accomplish its central missions.

Contact information and primary responsibilities of JCCTR personnel can be found here.

Last Updated: 4/20/16