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Ann Wayson Locher Foundation

Ann Wayson Locher Memorial Fund for HIV Care. 


Our Treatment Philosophy

  In 1985, Ann Locher, MSN, RN, opened the first HIV testing center in Northwest Ohio. She dreamed about establishing a center of care that offered   a comprehensive, community-based health care center for all people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. 

She was the first Program Coordinator for the UTMC Ryan White Center. Ann died suddenly in 2010, but the Center she worked to create—a Center that cares for the mind, body, and spirit of PLWHA—remains true to her vision.

Ann Wayson Locher was a nurse, pioneer, visionary, advocate,and educator. As a clinical nurse specialist, she worked tirelessly pursuing her passion, caring for people with HIV. Ann opened the first grant-funded free anonymous HIV testing in NW Ohio in 1985. Ann foresaw the need for services for people living with HIV/AIDS and gathered a team of experts to form the Ryan White Program at the University of Toledo Medical Center in 2000. Ann coordinated the Ryan White Program until her unexpected death in June 2010.

 In her honor, the Ann Wayson Locher Fund for Patient Care was established to provides services for patients that have needs cannot be covered by other agencies.


Last Updated: 9/4/15