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Jason Schroeder, MD

 419.383.3759 or Schedule Online

American Board of Neurological Surgery

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) – The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus, Ohio

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, Richmond, Virginia
General Surgery Internship – 2001-2002
Neurological Surgery Residency – 2002-2007

Neurosurgical Oncology
The Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor And Neuro-Oncology Center, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio

Neurosurgical oncology – including brain tumor, spinal column tumor, spinal cord tumor, radiosurgery, laser interstitial thermal therapy for brain tumor, benign and malignant tumors of the nervous system, skull base tumors, pituitary tumors, stereotactic surgery; trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm, peripheral nerve surgery, spine surgery

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Neurosurgery

UT Medical Center
3065 Arlington Ave. Toledo, OH 43614
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Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center
2920 Transverse Drive
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