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Kidney Transplant Program

Michael A. Rees, MD, PhDMichael A. Rees, MD, PhD
Professor, Urology

For over 30 years, The University of Toledo Medical Center has offered adult and pediatric kidney transplantation as one of the treatment options for end-stage renal disease.

Since the first kidney transplant operation was performed at The University of Toledo Medical Center in 1972, more than 2,000 kidney transplant operations have been performed, with an average patient survival rate of 98 percent and a graft survival rate of 94 percent.

The program relies on advanced surgical techniques including laparoscopic kidney donation, improved anti-rejection medications and high quality patient care to make it one of the most successful in the country.

A compatible pair at UTMC initiated a three-way kidney transplant to get a better match and to help two others get a new kidney. Dr. Rees discusses this paired kidney exchange.

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